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Lets Talk Dog

Sep 23, 2019

Finn & Feargal, Cockerpoos, help with puppies and ongoing

Alice had never owned a dog before and had lots of help with all the usual puppy issues such as toileting, chewing, puppy biting, lead and off lead work and socialisation.

Fortunately for Alice, we offer new owners a complete Puppy Package to help overcome all the usual puppy issues and enable their new pet to become an ideal adult dog.

What Alice said after our sessions:

"Having never owned a dog before and having three spoilt cats in situ, I called Freedom Pets as recommended by the vet. Don't know how I would have coped without their advice and support. Always there at the end of a phone for any problem no matter how stupid.

They talked me through all methods of training specific to my needs. Training without punishment or treats, just love and lots of praise. The reward is I have two amazing slightly nutty dogs who are my whole world".