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Sep 23, 2019

Henry, the Labrador with adolescent issues

Amanda and Neil were having a few issues with their Labrador Henry such as poor recall, pulling on the lead, being dominant with other dogs on walks and anxiety and over-excitement with visitors to the house.

What they said after our session:

“We were shown how to recall him quickly, which worked within 15 minutes of being shown how to do it correctly, and still to this day he is very good at recall. Also what to do when play with another dog became a bit too rough, and how to intervene.

We use the technique taught when somebody rings the doorbell, I can now get to the door and open it without a very excited dog pushing me out of the way to get there first.

Leadwork is still in progress, he is a lot better but not perfect, however we practice this daily.

I would thoroughly recommend them to anybody who needs a bit of guidance whether it’s just for one session or several; they can definitely help”.