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Sep 20, 2019

Cedric - The Norfolk Terrier that comes back!

Caroline was struggling with Cedric’s recall out on walks – he was a typical terrier!

Cedric's owner Caroline says:

"When Cedric came to join us I was under no illusions that terriers, especially Norfolk Terriers had a poor reputation in terms of recall, and were prone to distractions. Sadly many Norfolk Terriers are never allowed off lead as they can not be trusted to return.

Cedric had trained me to collect him, which had completely undermined the recall command. However he soon cottoned on to the new regime and now keeps an eye on us. He has retained his terrier attributes, putting squirrels back into trees and crows back into flight, but once the job is done returns directly to his people. Cedric is a rewarding companion for a walk and I am confident to let him off lead in a safe environment."