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Aug 19, 2019

Why are dog bites on the increase?

Over the last few decades we have taken dogs into our homes as part of our human families, but without us understanding the way they think and learn, many dogs are becoming anxious and eventually aggressive. 

Ineffective use of  leads. poor socialisation, insufficient physical and mental exercise coupled with mass breeding for huge financial rewards, are all contributing to the issues we’re seeing today, with thousands and thousands of pet dogs being rehomed or put to sleep. 

These are family pets – most often popular breeds such as Labradors, biting family members, the most at risk being male children age 6-10.

How can you protect your family from being bitten?

Learn from a dog behaviour specialist about reading body language, the early signs of anxiety which may lead to aggression, and how to raise a confident, sociable, well mannered pet.

Dangerous Dogs Act – how it affects us all

The law now states that if a person fears that your dog may harm them either in public or in your home, then that dog may be classed as ‘dangerous’ and may be seized by the police to be assessed.  This assessment can be a lengthy process under stressful kennel conditions.  Don’t take any chances – if you think your dog may be frightening people, get help before it’s too late.

Why not just Google or Facebook the problem?

The internet is a great starting point, however it doesn’t know you or your dog – many results may be incorrect or outdated from novice owners – and for modification to work, you need a consistent plan that works for your individual family, lifestyle,  circumstances and expectations.