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Dog Behaviour and Training Services

Kind, Modern, Reward-Based Methods


Dog Training and Behaviour

We have a holistic approach to our behaviour modification programmes and aim to modify behaviour to suit your lifestyle using modern, scientifically proven, kind methods.

A host of practical information for new puppy owners – how to raise a happy, confident, well behaved and sociable dog and how to avoid common behavioural problems or overcome those already presenting.

Pulling on the lead, recall, jumping, over-excitement in the home and on walks, socialisation with people and dogs. Anxiety in new situations.

Rescue Dogs
Bonding with your dog, off lead work, separation anxiety, reactivity to dogs / people / traffic etc and more serious aggression issues directed at other dogs, strangers or owners and family members.


We can help with common behavioural issues such as:

  • Socialisation / Aggression to other dogs or to humans
  • Anxiety or over-excitement around other dogs / people
  • Pulling on the lead / Loose lead walking / Recall off lead
  • Barking
  • Resource guarding - food/toys
  • Mouthing
  • Jumping Up
  • Toileting


What to Expect

In the first instance you may be asked to complete a questionnaire which will then help us build a picture of the behaviours you would like to change. We may need to contact your vet where appropriate.

After this your private consultation is held at your home where we take a full and detailed case history, assess the personality traits of your dog, your individual expectations and realistic capabilities and skills, in our sometimes very busy lives. We encourage the whole family to be involved in the process and aim to help you provide you with long term management strategies.

Most modification plans usually require one or more follow-up sessions, and these will be held at an appropriate venue, which may be your home or a suitable outdoor space.



Kind, force-free, reward based training, qualified with the International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour.



While no two cases are identical, we are able to offer standard fees for a structured approach to addressing your dog's behavioural issues.

Adult/Adolescent Dogs
Initial Consultation: £120
Includes written report / action plan and 3 months phone / email support.
Follow-up sessions (if required): £40

New Puppies Package
Prevention is better than cure! With a few simple techniques you can overcome the typical behavioural issues displayed by puppies and set them on the path to becoming ideal adult dogs. Our special Puppies Package covers puppy biting, chewing, toileting, diet, exercise, on and off lead work, socialisation, leaving your dog home alone, reading your dog’s body language, understanding the early warning signs of anxiety and unwanted behaviour.
Initial session at home and first follow-up session: £120
Includes written report / action plan and 3 months phone / email support.

Additional costs
Where applicable, mileage for each session is charged at £1 per mile one way from Burntwood, Staffordshire, WS7

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