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Let's Talk Dog

Dog training and behavioural services

We are fully qualified canine behaviourists with vast experience involving a large caseload of dogs and addressing all types of behaviour, from basic puppy manners to severe aggression.

We concentrate on helping owners avoid potential behavioural issues and modify problem behaviour using simple, kind, reward-based methods.

We can provide a host of practical information for new puppy owners – how to raise a happy, confident, well behaved and sociable dog and how to avoid common behavioural problems or overcome those already presenting.

Adolescent Dogs
Typical behaviours of young dogs can include pulling on the lead, recall, jumping, over-excitement in the home and on walks, lack of socialisation with people and dogs and anxiety in new situations. We can help with all of these.

Rescue Dogs
Rescue dogs of all breeds and ages can present with many behavioural issues most often due to their previous experiences. We can help you to bond with your rescue dog, and give you the tools to handle off lead work, separation anxiety, reactivity to dogs / people / traffic etc and more serious aggression issues directed at other dogs, strangers or owners and family members.

Trainer or behaviourist?

A qualified behaviourist can identify the reason for your dog’s behaviour and teach you how to understand your dog’s motivations and learning process to encourage desired behaviour and prevent or reduce unwanted behaviours.

Trainers can help with basic commands and obedience and often specialise in certain breeds or activities such as gundog training or agility. Training classes are a great place for owners to learn how to teach basic commands in a controlled environment. Trainers often offer group classes and can't always offer the flexibility of a 1:2:1 session

At Let's Talk Dog we are fully-qualified canine behaviourists, and use our extensive training and experience to help you understand and address your dog's behaviours. We follow the latest best practice methods as recommended by institutions such as the Pet Professional Guild, the Guild of Dog Trainers and the International School for Canine Psychology.

We receive many referrals from vets, professional dog trainers and rescue organisations, who understand that our specialist dog behaviour services can help where other methods have not been successful.

What our customers say...

Speech Marks

For me I can’t recommend Let’s Talk Dog enough – we used their services when we welcomed our new puppy into the house, although our pup is naturally very clam and quite easy the difference that Deb from Let’s Talk Dog made was still huge. Deb helped with night-time routines, feeding and off the lead walking. One of the main things that Deb did for us was teaching us how to treat the pup so she then in turn behaves the way that would like her to.

It's a pleasure welcoming a new puppy to the family and the pleasure the pup has brought to our family is huge, that’s mostly thanks to Deb at Let’s Talk Dog and their puppy package and the handholding that comes with and really helping us to understand the puppy. You can read it in books but it’s just not the same – even if you think you have a well-behaved dog spend a couple of sessions with Let’s Talk Dog and I guarantee you and the dog will benefit.

Spartie the Cockerpoo |I picked Tom up from Dogs Trust when he was 10 months old and I was his fourth owner. He was a lively and strong young dog who had been passed from one owner to another, and I soon realised that I needed help with his behaviour, in particular, his recall.

Deb and Pam were brilliant. We all spent time up at the Woodland Trust and they taught me a simple technique to improves Tom's recall. Within minutes he was off lead, checking back and returning to find me. Instead of me worrying where he was, he was soon worrying where I was! So simple, but so effective. |Having never owned a dog before and having three spoilt cats in situ, I called Let's Talk Dog as recommended by the vet. I don't know how I would have coped without their advice and support. Always there at the end of a phone for any problem no matter how stupid. They talked me through all methods of training specific to my needs. Training without punishment or treats, just love and lots of praise. The reward is I have two amazing slightly nutty cockapoo dogs who are my whole world |We enlisted the help of Deb and Pam for help with our young Labrador first time round in 2018. We covered a few issues including him being very dominant with some young dogs he met out on walks, anxiety/excitement towards visitors to the house, recall and pulling on the lead.

We were shown some techniques of what to do when play with another dog became a bit too rough, and how to intervene.We were also shown how to recall him quickly, which worked within 15 minutes of being shown how to do it correctly, and still to this day is very good at recall.

We use the technique taught when somebody rings the doorbell, I can now get to the door and open it without a very excited dog pushing me out of the way to get there first. Leadwork is still in progress, he is a lot better but not perfect, however we practice this daily. |Deb and Pam have been fantastic with all their help and knowledge they have given to us, and are very experienced in helping dogs who need that little bit of help. I would thoroughly recommend them to anybody who needs a bit of guidance whether it’s just for one session or several; they can definitely help. |I cannot tell you how much better I feel!!! The session was just amazing, you're lovely and didn't make me feel stupid and I've learnt SO much!!! Thank you!!! |I would like to thank Deb and all the wonderful staff who have supported us since having 2 very boisterous Weimaraner puppies 2 years ago. They are still a handful but with the guidance and support are wonderful loving dogs.

Speech marks

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FREE Initial Consultation

If you have a dog with behavioural issues and aren't sure how best to deal with the problem, just get in touch with us.

We offer a COMPLETELY FREE, no obligation 10-minute phone consultation service. These consultations are pre-booked, so just call or email us to make the arrangements.

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